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“Brimming with observations about the pathways to change”
Los Angeles Times

“In a society that has even the shoe manufactures saying “JUST DO IT,’ Here is an author who says Take it easy, Change will come when you’re ready”

“I have never seen such a well-written picture of what helps people change. Finally, someone has it right about change.”
Edwin S Cox Ph.D.
President of the California Family Study Center

“At last an honest book about how change really takes place. Lynne Bernfield doesn’t make false promises of overnight transformations. Her approach is extremely useful and realistic. I recommend it to anyone.”
Leonard Felder Ph.D.
Coauthor of Making Peace with Your Parents and author of A Fresh Start.

This book has a simple yet profound message for all those wanting to effect change in their life”
Laura Golden Bellotti
Author of “You Can’t Hurry Love”

“What a refreshingly, kind, and affirming book! It encourages you to let go of harsh self-talk and move forward with positivity and optimism.”
Wendy Lyons Sunshine
Co-author of The Connected Child and Raising the Challenging Child

“Forget the buzz words, the seminars, and the tapes. Her message is
The Fresno Bee